WWW (World Wide Web)

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WWW is a world wide hypermedia system. It is the most important feature of the internet. This is commonly called web and is the main reason of popularity of the internet. WWW is a system of internet servers responsible for supporting specially formatted pages and documents. The document follows HTML and support links to the other documents, graphics, audio and videos. All the internet servers are not essentially the part of WWW. The internet and worldwide web are redefining the global community. Businesses have found a new venue for two way communication with customers in the web site. Not only can businesses advertise, but they also can provide much more information that customers, students and investors usually wouldn’t be able to obtain easily. WWW is a graphical representation of information on internet.

Web Browsers: Because the web is a hypertext environment, special software is required to use hypertext capability. Its software is known as Web Browser. In other words we can say that a software application used to locate and display web pages it’s called Web Browser. The important browsers are:

  • Microsoft internet explorer
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Spyglass Mosaic
  • Fire Fox
  • Opera

These browsers display graphics as well as text and also present multimedia information.

Internet Explorer :This browser is made by Microsoft and is distributed free. This enables you to view web pages. The internet explorer supports Active X and VB script. It runs only under windows. It also supports Java and Java script.

Netscape Navigator: It is a web browser by Netscape Communications Corporation. Earlier it was given free but now it is sold commercially. This is most popular as it can run on all the major platforms like Windows, Macintoshs and Unix.

Spyglass Mosaic :It was originally produced by National Center for Super computing Applications (NCSA). It was distributed as freeware. Later the commercial development of the program was given to spyglass.

Web Search Engines: Today, internet acts as a big repository of information. Searching for information on the web is quite difficult because of its large size. A number of search engines are available which uses the databases and index them to locate the sites that meet the criteria. Some popular search engines are

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Lycos
  • Altavista Netscape
  • Web crawler

Intranets :The use of internet-based technology is the internal usage of an organization is known as intranets. These are basically “baby” internets. They use the same network facilities that internet does, but restrict the access to confine it to the company itself. The intranet client is a universal browser using TCP/IP protocol. The server in the organization may use any operating system as long as they support TCP/IP, they are part of the intranet.

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