MS Office (Basic Computer)

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MS Office :- MS-office is package developed by Microsoft corporation u.s.a. It is a power fulltool to perform day to day office activities like writing letters, applications, doing calculations, maintaining accounts, making designs and formats etc. Ms-office has Six main tools to perform these activities

MS Office
MS Office (Shri RS Study )


This is a word processor & word is used for :-

  1. Writing letters, applications, thesis work, biodata.
  2. Inserting pictures and perform drawing work.
  3. Inserting tables.


  • File saving, retrieve and printing a file.
  • Automatically page numbering
  • Font, paragraph and alignments.
  • Mail merge, envelopes and labels.
  • Drawing tools, border and shadings & table facilities.
  • Spell checking, headers and footers, change case, find and replace
  • Cut, copy and paste, auto saving


1 NEW: This command is used to open a new document in MS-WORD. (shortcut key ctrl+n )

2 OPEN: This command is used to open any existing file . (shortcut key ctrl+o)

3 CLOSE: This is used to close any opened file.

4 SAVE: This command is used to save the document.(Shortcut key ctrl+s). Extension ofword’s document IS .DOC

5 SAVE AS: This command is use to save current file with new name.

6 PAGE SETUP:- We can change the dimensions of our page. Also the top, bottom, left, right margins of the page can be adjusted. We can also specify the distance of headers and footers of the document from the edges. Page setup option also to make our page looks as portrait or landscape.

Portrait or Landscape (Shri RS Study)

7 PRINT PREVIEW : It shows you how will you get print outs of your page. If you have more than one page then you can see all those pages also.

  • PRINT:- This is used to print our document. (CTRL+P)
  • EXIT:- This option is used to come out from


  1. UNDU:-  This option is used to cancel the last actions. We can cancel all the last actions

performed in the opened file(opened today) short cut key ctrl+z. We can also undo with the help of undo button i.e., in the standard toolbar.

  • REDU:- This is used to redo the undo actions. short cut ctrl+y.
  • CUT:-  Cut the selected data and place to another place.
  • COPY:- Create the copy of selected data.
  • PASTE:- Paste the copied data on the document.


  • 6.   SELECT ALL:- This option is used to select the whole document. Short cut command forthis is ctrl+a.
  • FIND & REPLACE :- These options are used to find out a particular word and to replacethat word with another word. Short cut key for find is ctrl+f. Short cut key for replace is ctrl+h.
  • GOTO:- This option is used to go at the desire location in the document. e.g. We can reachat particular page, line, bookmark, annotations, footnote, endnote etc. by specify their number. Shortcut key ctrl + g.
  • AUTO TEXT:- Auto text entry is a set of stored text and graphics that you can insert in thedocuments. ms word provides built in auto text entries or you can crate custom auto text entries.


  1. TOOL BARS :- This is used to on/off the different toolbars according to user choice. Wecan switch on any toolbar by clicking on it and similarly by clicking we can off it if it is already appears on screen. A cross mark against the toolbar names shows that it is on. e.g. of different toolbars are

* Standard ( having options related to files like open , close , print etc.) * Formatting ( use for formatting like font , bold , italic etc. )

* Tables & Borders ( use to create borders & Tables) * Drawings etc. ( use to draw drawings objects )

  • RULER :- This is also a toggle switch. It is used to on/off the ruler from the screen. A rightmark against the ruler command shows that rulers are on and if it is not there it means rulers are off. We can on/off rulers by clicking on ruler command in view menu.
  • HEADER & FOOTER :- This option is used to insert header & footer.

Header appears on the top of every page

Footers appears on the bottom of every page.

Suppose we want to insert a matter that should come on every page at the top and as well as at the bottor then we can do so with the help of header and footer option.

  • ZOOM :- This option is used to view the document according o required size.


  1. BREAK :- Used to give page break, column break, even page break, odd page break fromthe cursor position.
  • PAGE NUMBERS:-to apply format on the (i,ii,iii…..) etc.

This command is used to insert page numbers. it also provides facility inserted numbers. Like (A,B,C…..), (1,2,3……), (a,b,c…..),

  • Date AND TIME :- This command is used to insert date and time at the cursor position. Thiscommand have different formats of date and time.
  • SYMBOLS :- This is used to insert symbols at the cursor position.
  • FRAME :- Frame is used to divide our current document into number of parts its calledframes.
  • PICTURES :- This is used to insert pictures from Clipart, From File, Scanner or othersources in the document at the cursor position. We can also create the Chart, Auto Shapes and Word Art etc.
  • OBJECTS :- This is also used to open the other application in the current document likeMS Paint, Excel, PowerPoint, Calendars etc.


  1. FONT: – This option is used to apply different fonts, style, colors, size to the selected text.This also provides the facility of different types of underlining e.g. single, words only, dotted, double. We can also provide different effects to our text like super script, subscript and strikeout etc.

Note: To use format menu, text should be selected.

  • PARAGRAPH: – This option is used for paragraph formatting with this option we canchange:-

a) Left and right indents.

b) Spacing between lines.

c) Spacing after and before paragraph.

d) Alignment of the paragraph (e.g. left, centres, right and justify) e) Tab positions.

  • 3.   TABS: – Tabs used for fast working , after fixing tabs we can move on screen with the helpof tab key.

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