Microsoft PowerPoint (Basic Computer)

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics software program.

A presentation is a collection of slides. A slide refers to the presentation output, which may be in the form of slide. PowerPoint enables users to work with graphics, clipart and drawing capabilities. PowerPoint offers you a variety of options to work with slides. You can easily do operations with still pictures and can create your own pictures. Like: –

  1. To create charts.
  2. To create animation movies.
  3. Create title, bullet, table, graph or organization slides.
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint

Getting started with MS-POWERPOINT: –

  1. Click the start button.
  2. Choose programs.
  3. Then MS-POWERPOINT. The PowerPoint dialog box appears as shown.

You can start a new presentation in one of three ways or you can open existing presentation.

  • Auto Content Wizard: – The auto content wizard is the quickest way to create apresentation. The auto content wizard asks a series of questions about the purpose of your presentation.
  • Template: – You can create your own slides from the existing ones.

Blank Presentation: – Click on the blank presentation radio   button and then choose ok.

The PowerPoint application starts and the new slide dialog box opens.

Note: – New slide dialog box shows 24 auto layouts. Auto layouts offer different layouts fortitle, text, charts, clipart and media clips for various slides in a PowerPoint presentation you can select any one of them

Open an existing Presentation: – Click on the open an existing presentation radio button.You can open an existing presentation from PowerPoint starting screen.

Click inside the slide work area and type our matter. After this we have to save your file with desired name. The extension of PowerPoint is .ppt.

Viewing a presentation

You can view each slide in the presentation using five views.

  • Slide view: – The default view for a presentation is sliding view in which you can view oneslide at a time.
  • Outline view: – Displays the slides in a presentation in outline format without backgrounds,colors, and graphics. Only the slide title and main text are displayed. This view is good for quickly organizing and putting down your ideas.
  • Slide sorter view: -Displays all the slides in thumbnails this view is excellent forrearranging, coping or deleting slides as well as adding transitions.
  • Notes page view: – You can create notes of the current slide & see it while your presentationis running.
  • Slide show: – Displays the slides in a presentation one after another.

Steps to create a flow chart

  • Click on new slide button.
  • Select a blank presentation.
  • Now with the help of lines, circles and rectangles you can create a flow chart.
  • After creating a blank flowchart, enter the data in circles and rectangles as requirements.

To create an organization chart slide

An organization chart consists of individual  a boxes that are connected by lines and placed on different levels. It is a graphical representation of an organization. Steps: –

  • Click the new slide button.
  • Double click the are organization chart auto layout.
  • Click on the “click to add title” & write a computer consultancy center.
  • Double click in the  a “double click to add org chart” title.
  • Enter all the data according to choice.
  • You can add subordinates, co-worker, manager and assistant.
  • After that open the file menu and click on exit & return to presentation. Your chart will be ready.

To create a chart slide

To create a chart you must be in slide view.

Steps: –

  • Click the new slide button.
  • Double click the chart auto layout.
  • Click and give a proper title.
  • Double click in the “double click to add chart” title.
  • Change the chart data according to your choice. Eg. Write down the names of Salesman and there Sale.
  • After entering the data close the chart & see the result

Steps to view a presentation

  • Go to view menu.
  • Select the option slide show.
  • If you have more than one slides then click on slide to see next slide.

To add transitions and animation effects

Transitions are special effects used to introduce a slide during the slide show. For this do the following: –

  • Add transitions to each slide individually or add the same transition to multiple slides.
  • Click the slide transition button on the slide sorter toolbar or from slide show menu.
  • Click the effect list arrow in the slide transition dialog box.
    • Click on apply button.
  • Similarly repeat these steps for every slide.
    • You can also give time for next slide.

To give effects on text and clipart slid

  • Click on new and select text and clipart layout slide.
  • Write down your text and title of a slide.
  • Go to slide sorter view and give a text effect from slide sorter toolbar.
  • Click on slide show.

To give background and colors

You can apply background color, text colors and slide styles to selected slide from format menu.

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