Important Definitions of Computers

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The Important Definitions of Computers are define below, these terms are use with computer system to improve the utility of computer system. Some important things are define below..

  • Register : – Register is one, which is used to store data in memory.
  • EPROM: – (ERASABLE PROGRAMMABLE READ ONLY MEMORY) This is type ofROM, but in this we can store after erasing the previous data.
  • PROM: – This is also a type of ROM, PROM means programmable read only memory.
  • IC: – (Integrated Circuits) means to integrate Numbers Of Electronic Components.
  • LAN- Local Area Network is an interconnection of many computers & terminals located within 10 km radius.
  • WAN- Wide Area Network is an interconnection of many computers and terminals located bothin any range.
  • Microprocessor : – It is a single chip, which contains the entire CPU of a computer.(Chip means IC)
  • Winchester Disk : – Another name of hard disk is Winchester disk.
  • Light Pen : – It is an input device in form of pen’s shape.
  • Joystick : –      It is also an input device, used to play games.

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